Rules and Regulations

We do ask that you adhere to the rules and regulations set out below. These are strictly enforced in the interest of fairness and safety to both your fellow traders and members of the public.

  1. Only items described on the booking form or by telephone can be sold from your stall. In the case of multiple products the management reserve the right to have certain products removed from your display.
  2. All goods must be of saleable quality, legal and fit for purpose.
  3. No counterfeit, stolen or goods prohibited under law are to be displayed or sold.
  4. Cancellations must be made via telephone booking line on 07907 468441 Tuesday – Thursday 11.00am – 4-00pm Latest cancellation time is 4-00pm on Thursday prior to the trading weekend. Failure to do so will result in a £10.00 admin fee charged for any future bookings.
  5. Stall space can not be sub-let.
  6. All licences if applicable including food hygiene and health and safety must be current and available for viewing.
  7. All traders must have their own public liability in place by 1st July 2012 this must be available for viewing at any time.
  8. Your display area should be kept neat and tidy at all times.
  9. Nailing or fixing to the floors / walls is prohibited.
  10. Walkways and areas around stalls must be kept clear so as not to cause hazard or hindrance to fellow traders and members of the public.
  11. After dismantling your display, please ensure the area is left clean and all rubbish is removed. You are responsible for clearing all rubbish from your stall.  Any rubbish left behind will be recorded by the market staff, and a fee will be charged for removal of your rubbish.
  12. Stalls must not be dismantled before close of market at 3.30pm.
  13. No sitting on tables (any tables damaged will be charged at full cost)
  14. The management reserves the right to alter the position of all stalls if it should prove necessary to accommodate any unforseen situation at a minutes notice.
  15. Please be aware the entire station is a designated no smoking area.
  16. When using your own personal social media accounts, market traders must never portray themselves as part of the official “Tynemouth Markets” brand. We would greatly appreciate you forwarding us any enquiries you receive regarding stall availability or pricing to our “Tynemouth Markets official Facebook page” where we will deal with the enquiry ourselves. Please do not attempt to advise or arrange any aspect of trade in relation to the business of Tynemouth Markets.
  17. We thank you for choosing to trade at Tynemouth Market.

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